Our Story

The idea for The Limpsfield Cookery School was born through the personal experience of founder, Jacqueline Derbyshire. 

A lifelong cooking enthusiast, and having retired from her job in the City, Jacqui started to look into cookery courses to advance her own cooking skills, but found that there were either no courses available to help her learn what she needed, or they were more geared to professional chefs and didn’t offer the experience she was looking for. 

Jacqui set about finding a venue in Limpsfield and sourcing chefs to bring on board, and in February 2020, The Limpsfield Cookery School was launched. 

Our chefs are on hand to share their wealth of knowledge with you, whether you’re a beginner cook or more experienced and looking to improve your technical knowledge and skills. 

Our classes are taught in a fun, inclusive atmosphere, where we strive to make everyone feel welcome and at home. 

We look forward to welcoming you very soon!