Festive Meat with Oliver Thompson

Sunday, 12 Dec 2021

10:00am – 4:00pm

Our Executive Head Chef,  Oliver Thompson, is running this full day’s masterclass on Meat cooking for the festive season.

You’ll be learning about 3 different meats – and making dishes and accompaniments with each one.

Meat 1 – HAGGIS 

A much maligned and often disregarded ingredient, usually only coming out for Burn’s night on the 25th January, haggis is actually an incredibly versatile product. Haggis is essentially a crumbly sausage with a coarse oaty texture. Its warming peppery flavour makes it a great alternative to sausage meat stuffing in poultry and game.

With a few well-chosen ingredients it can taste and look so good, and this dish gives a sophisticated feel to an otherwise disregarded ingredient. 


Meat 2 – QUAIL

Quail is a small game bird and part of the pheasant family. Quail has a delicate and sweet gamey flavour that is best not overpowered by very strong flavours. Instead it lends itself well to light salads and spring vegetables. Its lean meat makes it an excellent alternative to chicken. For such a small and lean bird, quail is very versatile in the ways it can be cooked. The easiest and most traditional is to roast them whole in the oven. They are delicious when cooked on a barbecue. The legs can be cooked slowly in oil or duck fat, a process known as confit.

Quails are usually farmed and therefore available all year round. It is important to get large or jumbo quails, making sure they have plump breasts and unblemished skin. 


Meat 3 – TURKEY

Turkey is a poultry usually only reserved for cooking at Christmas or as a low-fat alternative to other available meats. Because of this limited use, it tends to have a stigma attached to it – people think it can be dry. However, turkey has a lot of potential and is an incredibly versatile meat. Paupiette is a classic French technique in which a thin piece of meat, often veal, is stuffed and rolled then cooked in a stock. This negates the meat drying out and allows the cook to be imaginative with stuffing. 


All of our meat is sourced from a 30 mile radius of Limpsfield, and it is all organic and grass-fed, ensuring that both the taste and the welfare of the animals is paramount.

All dishes will include advice on what sides will complement the meat, ensuring that you leave the day fully able to cook full, and sumptuous, meals for your loved ones.

You will be sitting down to eat your dishes as you cook them, so no containers need to be brought to this course.  All refreshments will be provided by us, as well as accompaniments for your dishes to provide a full lunch.

Event Location

The Limpsfield Cookery School
The Old Printworks, High Street,
Limpsfield, RH8 0DR

Event Fees

One course booking
£ 160.00