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Join new chef Mike Lok for some homestyle Chinese cooking

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

We’re very excited to welcome a brand new chef, Mike Lok to The Limpsfield Cookery School team. Mike is a master of homestyle Chinese cooking and will be starting off with two full-day classes of Chinese Food at Home – on March 11 and April 29. Book quickly, places will go in a flash!

Mike has been cooking homestyle Chinese food from the tender age of 15, continuously learning new recipes and techniques to serve up humble and deliciously authentic food inspired by his memories of childhood, family and his knowledge of the main culinary regions of China.

His passion is to share his experience of food and culture from simple one plate dishes, classic steamboat to entire family feasts fit for an emperor.

Mike’s food uses simple fresh ingredients, featuring big bold flavours and easily produced in any kitchen, all served with lashings of love.

His very popular Chinese Food at Home class features authentic recipes, simple ingredients, big bold flavours, all of which are easily accessible and cookable in any domestic kitchen.

During this full-day class, Mike will also touch on Chinese culture, techniques, culinary China, the larder and much more, and of course feature a fantastic selection of traditional at home Chinese dishes, cooked and tasted throughout the day, all taught with passion and love.


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