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We welcome a smoking new chef, Fausto Eppinger!

We are very excited to add Fausto Eppinger to the Limpsfield Cookery School’s list of brilliant professional chefs. Fausto is Limpsfield’s newest resident and a specialist in Wood Fire cooking and Middle Eastern Cuisine.

Born and raised in South America, Fausto was exposed to a rich and eclectic food culture from a young age. Summers spent grilling on the mountains of Patagonia led to a love for outdoor cooking.

His career as a chef in London only deepened his fascination with cooking over a wood fire. Time spent as head chef for both Scandinavian smokehouse Rök, and middle eastern grill house Berber&Q has resulted in a passion for marrying different cuisines over smouldering embers.

Fausto will be teaching our barbecue / wood fire and Middle Eastern cookery courses and we already have some lined up for you…

Saturday 8th May – Middle Eastern Meze Sunday 20th June – Father’s Day Special – Barbecuing (the correct way!) Sunday 11th July – Barbecuing Sunday 31st July – Moroccan Cuisine Sunday 15th August – Barbecuing

Have a look at Fausto’s classes on our courses page. Book online, call or email for more information.


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