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Home style Indian curries & accompaniments

Join Jaya Malani on November 5th or 19th November for a full day’s session covering everything Indian! From demystifying Indian spices, understanding the best places to source them, to using them from scratch to prepare a medley of delicious, yet healthy Indian dishes using quality, locally-sourced ingredients.

You will learn to master a starter with an accompanying dip or chutney, followed by a main course curry, a side dish and a main course accompaniment such as a whole meal paratha (Indian bread) or a rice based dish.

Examples of dishes that you may learn from scratch include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Paneer Tikkas (indian cooking cheese)

  2. Lamb Mince Kebabs

  3. Chicken Reshmi Tikkas

  4. Spinach Bhajjis

  5. Samosas

  6. Coriander & mint dip

  7. Tamarind & Jaggery chutney

  8. Coconut chutney

Main course

Non vegetarian curries

  1. Home style chicken curry

  2. Lamb mince and peas curry

  3. Lamb with lentils and potato curry

  4. Fish in tamarind curry

  5. Goan chicken curry

  6. Chicken chettinad Methi Gosht (Lamb with fenugreek)

  7. Palak chicken (Chicken with spinach)

  8. Prawn in aubergine curry

Vegetarian curries

  1. Chola (chickpea) curry

  2. Tadka dal Aubergine with coconut curry

  3. Bharwa Bhindi

  4. Palak paneer (spinach with paneer)

  5. Malai Kofta


Wholemeal breads, such as parathas and chapatis and rice-based dishes like vegetable pulao.

It’s a really fun class with the lovely Jaya, who is very down to earth yet truly inspirational.


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