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BREAD FRIDAYS at the Limpsfield Cookery School!

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

We’re very excited to be starting a brand new endeavour for your delectation - Bread Fridays - from Friday 9 June, with the produce of our brand new bread and pastry chef, Ridwan Kohl.

Ridwan Kohl is a German Master Pastry Baker with a passion for handcrafted and homemade products.

He trained in Freiburg, Germany at a traditional pastry shop and in 2020 finished a prestigious master pastry baker course. Since then, Ridwan has gone on to learn the skill of artisan bread making, and he sells his amazing produce at local farmers markets.

Ridwan, aka "The Baker", will be providing a selection of his freshly baked and delicious artisan bread and pastries for our new Bread Fridays - including loaves,

You can pre-order from us by end of business Tuesday for Friday collection.

Call 01883 818383.

Aside from selling his delicious bread with us, Ridwan will be running Artisan Pizza Workshops on 9th September - both morning and afternoon sessions.

They’ll be in a lot of demand, so book quickly online HERE, or call 01883 818383.


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