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Cooking Basics With Jacqui this September…

Jacqui’s love for cooking is the reason she started The Limpsfield Cookery School and while she is not a “professional chef”, she is a talented home cook who has all the skills to impart on her students when it comes to basic kitchen confidence.

This September sees the return of her Cooking Basics classes over two mornings on 7th September and 13th September teaching How to Bake Cakes & Biscuits and How to Make Perfect Pastry (and avoid a soggy bottom!).


How to Bake Cakes & Biscuits

Jacqui will teak you the basic baking skills for making cakes and biscuits that you can take away with you and practise again at home so you are able to bake confidently on a regular basis.

You will make:

  1. A Light & Fluffy Victoria Sandwich Cake filled with Homemade Jam & Vanilla Buttercream.

  2. Melt-In-The-Mouth Chocolate dipped Shortbread Biscuits

  3. Blueberry Muffins - which freeze really well by the way!

How to make perfect pastry... and avoid a soggy bottom!

In this class you’ll get to make all sorts of delicious sweet and savoury pastry-based dishes to impress your friends and family, including:

  1. Buttery Shortcrust Pastry, which will be used to make a French Quiche.

  2. Quick Flaky Pastry, which will be used to make a batch of sausage rolls.

  3. Individual French Apple Tarts, using shop bought puff pastry, which you can adapt with other ingredients.

Jacqui will also share her tips on how to make professional looking pastry products and most importantly, how to avoid a soggy bottom!

These classes run for 3 hours starting at 10am until 1pm.

Tea, coffee and refreshments throughout the morning are provided.

We also provide all the ingredients and all the containers to take home everything you have made with us.

Book on our Classes page now.


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