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Creative Caking with Superstar Sam

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

If you haven’t seen Sam Centenera’s cake creations before, then prepare to be amazed, because yes, ALL of the creations pictured are actually cakes, not floral arrangements! And Sam is here to help you to get creative with your cakes too!

Sam is our hugely talented baking and cake decorating expert who has two classes coming up: Valentine’s Cupcakes and Show-stopping Easter Basket Cake.

She has her own business, Bakes by Sam and has built up quite the reputation for her cupcake bouquets, which you may have seen at our summer and Christmas markets.

Sam’s talents don’t just go to making cupcakes. She’s also a whizz at creating stunning full size cakes and this Easter, we are really excited to be running a Show-stopping Easter Basket Cake class.

This fabulous Easter Basket Cake is based on Sam’s Salon Culinaire award-winning cupcakes, and the detail is simply incredible.

You may not be ready to reach those heady heights quite yet, but during the 5-hour course, you will learn to make and decorate a delicious 3-tier Easter Basket Cake, inspired by her award-winning Easter basket cupcakes, topped with a selection of Buttercream Spring Flowers.

Sam will teach you how to make and pipe the perfect buttercream and get to grips with using piping nozzles and nails. You’ll learn lots of tips and tricks along the way for future projects, and leave with your show-stopping cake to wow your friends and family!

The course includes all ingredients. Coffee and (of course) Cake served.


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