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2 seasonal classes with Oliver Thompson to get you into the festive spirit

Olly’s back the first weekend of November with two amazing seasonal classes: Game Masterclass and Festive Entertaining.


1. Saturday 4th November. Are you Game?

If you missed last year, then here’s another chance to learn from a pro how to prepare and cook four different game meats – Pigeon, Pheasant, Venison and Quail - and make dishes and accompaniments with each one.

You will be sitting down to eat your dishes as you cook them, so no containers need to be brought to this course.

2. Sunday 6th November: Looking for a bit of help to make Christmas extra special?

Let our Executive Chef, Olly Thompson guide you with his one-day Festive Entertaining class that is sure to leave you feeling merry, in good cheer and ready for the festive season!

Learn how to make a range of delicious canapés and a main course to impress your family and friends. To finish, Olly will teach hope to make a show-stopping festive pudding!

All refreshments will be provided for both classes, as well as accompaniments for your dishes to provide a full lunch.

Book online or give us a call 01883 818383


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