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Classes coming up this Spring

Get your aprons washed and pressed, because we’ve got a whole load of fantastic classes waiting for you this spring!

With so many amazing cooking classes scheduled over the next few months, here's a quick run-down of all the opportunities for you to learn and develop new skills, techniques and cuisines this spring.

Coming up soon with spots available - BOOK NOW!

🦌 Mat Skinner’s Butchery Venison class - March 25th

🐣 Show-stopping Easter basket cake class with Sam Centenera - April 1st

🧑🏻‍🍳 Kids in the Kitchen with Jacqui - Easter hols classes - April 4th and 12th

🍲 Chinese One Dish Wonders with Mike Lok - April 14th

Coming up in April / May

  • Oliver Thompson will be heading up the Men's cooking class as well as sharing his knowledge of Indian Cuisine and French Bistro.

  • Mike Lok will be taking you through your steps with Chinese and Asian cuisine, including Chinese One Dish Wonders and his very popular class, Chinese Food at Home.

  • Sam Centenera is passing on her buttercream skills to create and decorate the perfect Easter Basket Cake.

  • Valentina Harris will be transporting you to sunny Mediterranean climes through her passion and flair for all things Italian in her Risotto and Pasta Making classes.

All these chefs will also be back again in June and July with different classes to take you into the Summer holidays, including Valentina's Al Fresco Summer Dining on July 8th which is sure to be hugely popular.

  • Apr 1 - Show-stopping Easter Basket Cake with Sam Centenera - places available - £120

  • Apr 4 & 12th - Easter Holiday Children's Cookery Class - £95 - a few places available.

  • Apr 14 - Chinese One Dish Wonders - £95

  • Apr 15 - Classic French Bistro Class with Oliver Thompson - £175 - Fully booked, waiting list available

  • Apr 16 - Men Who Want to Cook! With Oliver Thompson - £140

  • Apr 22 - Half Day - Learn The Art Of Pasta Making with Valentina Harris - £95 - Fully booked. Places available on June 9th class.

  • Apr 22 - Half Day - Choose Your Own Risotto with Valentina - £95 - Fully booked. Places available on June 9th class.

  • May 20 Chinese Food at Home with Mike Lok - £175

  • May 27 - Half Day - Vegetarian Indian Street Food with Oliver Thompson - £95

  • May 27 - Half Day - Indian Regional Curries with Oliver Thompson - £95

All the above are perfect for all levels. Go to our classes page to book online or call 01883 818383.

What cooking skills or cuisine would you love to learn?

We always love feedback and want to provide classes that you would like to take, so do tell us what classes you'd like to see on our timetable and we'll be happy to try to facilitate them.

Send us an email and let us know -

Don't forget, we also do vouchers. These can be redeemed on any of our classes or Limpsfield Kitchen ready meals and shop products.


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