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Mike Lok hosts a fun group culinary evening for a special birthday

Last weekend we hosted an oriental culinary experience evening for a group of friends celebrating a special birthday.


Hosted by one our professional chefs, Mike Lok, who specialises in authentic Asian Cuisine, the evening kicked off with the group being divided into teams to learn how to prepare and cook delicious Chinese dumplings.

While everyone enjoyed the spoils of their labour over a glass or two of wine, Mike whipped up a magnificent oriental feast for them all to share together at the table.

The food was delicious and the evening provided a unique experience for our guests.

This fun and informal culinary group experience is great for friends or colleagues to spend an enjoyable and educational evening, learning some useful cooking skills in the cuisine of their choice over a few glasses of wine, followed by a sit-down feast cooked up by your professional chef for the night.

If you’d like to organise a group supper for your friends or colleagues (min. 8- max 12 people), give us a call and we will design an evening to suit your tastes and needs! 01883 818383.


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