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All you need to know about sourdough – with Andy Tyrrell

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make bread from a pro, now’s your chance! There’s not much that master baker Andy Tyrrell doesn’t now about bread and pastry baking and we’re incredibly lucky to have him at The Limpsfield Cookery School.

Our full baking day on October 25th was a huge hit, our Class on November 29th has had to be postponed but we have a , new date – 17th January 2021.

Andy, from the south west of England, has always been into baking breads and pastries, having started his career in a patisserie and worked his way up to Head Chef status over seven years at the famous River Cottage in Dorset, until he left to pursue his own endeavours last year.

Since then he has taught the art of bread and pastry making at Riverford in Devon, is a regular chef at the famous Borough Market and teaches at cooking schools and events all around the country. He recently set up a pop-up restaurant in Lyme.

Sourdough bread making day course

Sourdough is Andy’s speciality. It is the original bread, pre-dating yeast as a leavening agent by thousands of years. It was the bread of the Gold Rush in the USA and has remained the official bread of San Francisco, with Sourdough Sam being the mascot of the San Francisco 49ers!

In our full day course, Andy will cover / recap on all the basics of sourdough making, exploring different flours, shaping techniques and starter management.

You’ll learn how to make a Sourdough country loaf, Danish Rye bread, Sourdough baguettes and a sourdough pizza base.

All the bread you make on the day will be yours to take home, so please bring a bag with you to safely transport your loaves with you.

All refreshments will be provided by us throughout the day.

To book classes, click HERE.


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