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Don’t Miss: Italian Edible Christmas Gifts with Valentina Harris

We are very excited to welcome well known Italian Chef, Valentina Harris to the Limpsfield Cookery School for a deliciously decadent day of making Italian Edible Christmas Gifts, on Friday, 4th December!

Sadly, our original class with Valentina, Authentic Pasta Making, has had to be postponed until after lockdown, but will take place in the new year.

Edible Italian Christmas Gifts

This delicious class on Friday, 4th December is a suitably festive, full day class, where you’ll learn how to create your own edible Christmas gifts; both sweet and savoury.

Valentina will inspire you with her strong Italian heritage, to create some delicious Italian sweet and savoury treats as the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones, such as Baci Di Dama, Genoese Pandolce (Easy Panettone!), Panforte, Panpepato, Grissini and Parmesan Biscuits.

Call 01883 818383 or email to book or book online. £160 for a full day course including all ingredients, lunch and refreshments.

About Valentina

Daughter of an Italian Countess and an English Army Officer, Valentina grew up in a Tuscan castle in the stuff of fairytales! Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, a vegetable garden, chickens and many guests, it was inevitable that Valentina would grow up around the Italian love of creating and eating delicious food. As a child she spent hours in the kitchen with their chef, Beppino.

In an interview with the Independent she recalls:

By the time I was five, I was exposed to conversations about whether or not the asparagus was in season yet, did we think these mussels were good enough to make a pasta sauce with or better to put in a soup? Every meal had a kind of celebratory mood. It was perfectly normal for there to be 30 people for lunch and 40 people for dinner. I thought everybody lived like that all the time!’

Having trained in Rome as a chef and teacher (of chefs), Valentina moved to the UK in the late 1970s and began her cooking career in private homes. Being in the UK at the beginning of the movement towards international cuisine in the home, she was an instant hit, receiving offers of both domestic and commercial jobs, her first book deal in 1983 and a TV series! She hasn’t looked back and has since appeared on numerous Television and radio shows, catered a huge amount of high profile events, won numerous awards and published around 40 cookery books.

Read all about her in this full interview on Mostly Food –

Call 01883 818383 or email to book or book online.

£160 for a full day course including all ingredients, lunch and refreshments.


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